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DigitalEDU Dialogues Podcast Ep 1

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Episode Description: On the very first episode of the DigitalEDU Podcast, host Flip Livingstone dives into a number of important and trending topics in the world of education.

Featuring special guests, Angela Britcher, Instructional Designer and Professor, as well as Sheila Fry, COO of The Babb Group, today's show touches on the enrollment crisis facing universities and colleges across the United States.

We also take a look at other pressing topics in education, such as the rise of micro-credential courses and the continuing push for more accessible learning across all levels of schooling.

Stay tuned for more from the DigitalEDU Dialogues podcast. Your source for education and EdTech news and insight.

Topics: Enrollment Crisis, Micro-Credential Courses, and Accessibility in the Classroom

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